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  On March 11, Jiangsu toppower held the first cadre meeting in 2017 with the theme of "Two Gathers, One High and Toughness Going Forward". More than 70 experts, executives, department managers and management from all departments of the company attended the meeting. The meeting reviewed the progress of the relocation of the new plant to jointly focus on customers, focusing on staff, a high level of building a new modern factory.

  Representatives from each function block gave a detailed report on the work plan, progress and problems encountered in the relocation of new factories from five aspects of production operation, supply chain and quality, product development, sales and project, party workers and administrative control.

  He Pengfei, vice president of the company made a keynote speech to review the market of passenger cars in 2016 and analyzed the problems and challenges the company encountered in high-end product development, cost and customer relationship. The company introduced the product development plan and 5 years BP situation, and finally, the story of passion to tell the customer-oriented deep in the bone marrow and blood among the full implementation of the full customer-oriented.

  Zhang Xiaomin, party secretary of the standing deputy general manager of the company, gave a keynote speech. First, he analyzed the form of market formats and demanded that all staff should profoundly comprehend the "two cohesion and one high" - focus on customers, focus on employees, and build a new modern factory with high standard and all-round "three major tasks - "Four Awareness" - Politics, General Situation, Core, Fulfillment, "Five Tasks" - Successful Transformation, Business Success, Efficiency Success, Youth Success, Subordinate Success. The relocation of the new plant is imminent, the company's business function blocks, be sure to grasp the trend of transformation and innovation.